Akamai Launches Open Video Player for HTML5 Toolkit


Akamai has released a new Open Video Player for HTML5 < video > developer toolkit, aimed at simplifying the task of creating flexible HTML5-based video player applications for delivery of HTTP content.

The goal of the Open Video Player for HTML5 < video > is to provide a foundation to allow developers to quickly implement world-class solutions for cross- platform/device/format video applications, providing their users with a consistent, high-quality experience through Akamai’s rich media management, delivery and measurement solutions: www.akamai.com/HTML5.

With adaptive bitrate video technology that automatically adjusts video quality levels based on a user’s connection speed (Wi-Fi, 3G, Edge) consistent security and analytics –- all part of Akamai’s HD Network – content owners can deliver the highest-quality video experiences possible — even 24×7 TV channels — on portable devices. This toolkit will make it easier for them to create such experiences for the iPad and iPhone and better service their audiences through a portable, ‘best possible screen’ viewing approach.

The player provides a code library supporting industry best practices and standards such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML/HTML5 and Yahoo Media RSS 2.0. This means developers can dramatically reduce the time it takes to create an HTML5 < video >-based experience to support Apple’s iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), as well as other browsers/devices supporting HTML5 < video >: www.akamai.com/HTML5.

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