Stats: Facebook’s Position Among American 18-44 Year-Olds Shrinks

It’s just a month of data, but a breakdown of Facebook’s growth in the U.S. among various age groups shows a big change. Usage among people 18-44 overall dropped, with about 175,000 fewer active users aged 26- to 34 on the site last month, according to data collected by InsideFacebook.

Those numbers are small in terms of Facebook’s size; indeed, the overall makeup of the site in the U.S. by age group did not change last month and a recent survey earlier this week showed that an astonishing percentage of people describe themselves as “Facebook addicts.”

But InsideFacebook says it has “rarely seen a dip like this” and suggests the fall may have been due to the backlash to the controversial privacy settings Facebook introduced — and later tweaked.

They’re also a reminder that Facebook is maturing. Overall growth in the U.S. was minimal last month — and Facebook executives have said the company is increasingly looking abroad for new users.

The data, courtesy of InsideFacebook: