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Ad Net Monitor AdSafe Media Raises $7.5 Million

Online ad placement verifier AdSafe Media has raised a $7.5 million second round as it preps new monitoring products and gets ready for an international expansion. Verification services, such as the ones offered by Double Verify, have seen growing interest from agencies, marketers, publishers and ad networks as the online ad landscape has embraced real-time bidding and demand-side platforms. As Kent Wakeford, the former Clearspring exec and co-founder of AdSafe, told paidContent, these services are in demand because of the promise of tying ROI to ad spending.

Over the past few months, online publishers such as, and (NSDQ: TSCM), which all claim to withhold inventory from ad nets in an attempt to better protect the prices of their premium inventory, have complained that ad nets have gotten through their systems through back door methods. That has caused headaches for marketers and media buyers.

To avoid getting on the bad side of publishers, advertisers and agencies, whose goodwill they depend on, a number of ad nets have signed on with AdSafe and its peers to make sure that they don’t “accidentally” fill unsold inventory that publishers don’t want going to remnant ad sales.

To differentiate it from the pack, some of the new services being unveiled later this year by the New York-based AdSafe include the Network Monitor, which is a set of tools that lets ad nets and publishers manage the “brand safety” of their inventory in advance. In Q4 AdSafe will release its Content Rating API, which will match up directly into real-time-bidding, demand-side platforms and premium publisher platforms, giving clients immediate info about the brand safety of every impression available for purchase or sale.

Looking abroad, AdSafe will also use the proceeds of the funding, which was led by Atlas Venture with previous investor Founder Collective joining again, to expand its operations in the UK and Western Europe.