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Android Helps HTC Sales Jump 63% in Second Quarter

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has posted financial numbers for June and the company has realized a 63 percent gain in revenues for the second quarter over the previous year. HTC is the largest producer of Android (s goog) phones globally, and these results speak loudly to the success of the platform in the smartphone space. HTC is the producer of many of the top Android phones — the EVO 4G, Droid Incredible and the Nexus One to name a few. The company also produces Windows Mobile phones, but the Android side of the business no doubt accounts for the lion’s share of these results. According to AdMob’s May 2010 survey, HTC Dream, HTC Hero and HTC Magic were amongst the top ten smartphones accessing the AdMob ad network in May 2010.

The second quarter results for HTC show a total revenue of NT$ 60,532 million (US$ 1.88 billion) with a profit of NT$ 8,641 million (US$ 268 million) after taxes. This represents a 62 percent improvement over the first quarter of this year.

The revenue numbers for June show HTC hitting a healthy $741 million in revenue. This figure shows the meteoric rise in popularity of the Android platform, and demonstrates the value of the 160,000 Android handsets Google is activating daily. This corresponds to figures announced by Google that demonstrated a 60 percent increase in daily Android phone activations in the month of June, of which a major portion would be HTC phones.

*For the second quarter and first half of 2009, the calculation of after-tax EPS was based on the 783,550 thousand weighted average number of shares after ex-rights.
Source: Company, compiled by Digitimes, July 2010

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5 Responses to “Android Helps HTC Sales Jump 63% in Second Quarter”

  1. You would want one, because the market place is not Apple regulated and growing much more quickly. At the same time, they are a lot cheaper. I own a Desire, pay 20 pounds a month including free internet and 300 mins, no upfront charges and totally don’t understand, why you would want to get in iPhone. Well off course, there’s the colour…

  2. Lady Gaga

    I am seriously confused about this HTC hardware.

    And exactly why would I want one of these if it is not an iPhone ?

    And I need a white one !

  3. Spud McApple

    I guess for those who can’t afford the luxury of the 4 then the next best thing would be something of the order of an Droid X or EVO. But deep down you all know you really wanted the 4.

  4. HTC has been making some smoking deals on their other handsets as well. If you’ve watched prices closely, you’ll notice the Touch Pro 2 has gone down from $600+ at the beginning of April to just $439 right now. Add to that the many HTC-branded accessories folks like me are picking up with these devices and it’s not hard to see why their sales numbers are spiking these last 3 months.

    Now is definitely the best time to get your hands on a HTC device – I love my Touch Pro 2.