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Marketwire Buys Social Media Monitor Sysomos

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Marketwire, the PR distribution service, has acquired Sysomos, a public relations company that specializes in social media analytics. Terms weren’t disclosed, according to Startup North, which first reported the purchase.

Almost every week, an analytics startup in the advertising and audience measurement areas either get snapped up by a larger entity or funded. The interesting thing about Marketwire is that it’s often viewed as platform to blast out a press release. But as PR agencies increasingly target blogs or other entities outside the major media outlets, they’ve found themselves a little lost. That’s especially true as more companies desire to know when chatter about them grows on Twitter or Facebook or other social media channels.

With the purchase of Toronto’s Sysomos, Marketwire wants to be used for more than just a bulletin board for generic press releases. Sysomos, which received seed funding from Canada’s GrowthWorks and the Ontario Centres of Excellence in Dec. 2008, promises to provide a closer look at the “buzz” its clients generate apart from the general media monitoring tools.

8 Responses to “Marketwire Buys Social Media Monitor Sysomos”

  1. PR industry is getting a bit overwhelmed with Social Media and Real Time Search Results encroaching on their turf. Agree with others, this is smart move for Marketwire as it will give them a suite of tools that help agencies substantiate value to their clients. We all live in a world of perception to a certain extent – clients want to see ROI metrics, especially those that map out a broader digital footprint for PR distribution and syndication.

  2. SYMOS is far from crap and there is nothing in the space that is free that compares. I run a service in the space (Trendrr) and can say that with authority. Good for both parties..FTW

    Will; if you think that Google and Excel is the answer then your asking the wrong question. Sentiment as a rule is a joke (although meaningful to teenagers and old people) The entire marketplace is in the 70-80% range of being accurate – the app you shared shows no value over the existing ones that is easily discerned – care to share why its better? or was that just link fodder.

  3. Disclosure: I am the SEM and Social Media Specialist @Marketwire.

    We are extremely excited about the Sysomos acquisition. Marketwire has always been focused on providing our customers with innovative, useful, and impactful resources that help them exceed their communication goals. We’re much more than ‘just a newswire’, we’re a communications platform, and this combo is awesome.

    Nick @shinng

  4. Will, I’ve been using MAP and Heartbeat for close to a year, (well not Heartbeat) and can say without hesitation there is absolutely no comparable free service. Care to offer some advice on where this freeware is?

  5. Sysomos is crap. So many things like it that are free. It is just packeged pretty. Marketwire has been duped just like most of you “PR experts.” Nobody knows what they are talking about.

  6. alanchumley

    Inevitable. Smart move on Marketwire’s part. Will help them compete against the CISION/Radian6 offering. Sysomos is spectacular. Think the world of those guys.