Vid-Biz: Dish Sues the FCC, Disney iPad App, Comcast DVR

Dish Sues FCC Over Noncom Mandate; Dish Network has taken the Federal Communication Commission to court over the congressional mandate to deliver noncommercial stations’ HD signals by next year. (Multichannel News)

Disney Releases iPad Movies App; using the app users can purchase movie downloads from iTunes, DVDs from and other online retailers, view trailers and buy theater tickets through Fandango. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Comcast: ‘AnyRoom DVR’ is Live in 20+ Markets; the cable company debuted the multiroom DVR service in its Oregon and Southwest Washington markets, and confirmed that it’s also live in about 19 other markets. (Light Reading Cable)

TiVo Premiere To Receive Software Update; the new DVR is primed for its third software update since launch, according to tweets from the VP of user experience. (Zatz Not Funny!)

Qualcomm Open to Selling FLO TV Unit; Qualcomm never wanted to be the service provider behind its mobile FLO TV service, and it would be open to selling off the underperforming unit of its business. (Light Reading)

Syabas Pushes Back PopBox Ship Date; Popbox’s release date has been delayed for a few weeks, with the boxes now being shipped from Amazon’s warehouses on July 23rd. (Popblog)

VMIX Releases Mobile SDK to Simplify Video App Integration; the new open-source VMIX Mobile Video SDK and demo iPad and iPhone apps are designed to lessen the time and effort it takes for developers to integrate video into their mobile applications. (press release)

Dailymotion Launches Short URL for Viral Video Advertising Campaigns; the short domain will enhance Dailymotion’s viral distribution and help advertisers leverage Dailmotion’s vast, viral sharing audience with memorable short URLs. (press release)

Tunerfish Releases New Awards for the Tour de France; each award maps to a different stage of the race, so users need to check in throughout the event to collect the full set. (Tunerfish blog)

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