jkOnTheRun Video: HTC EVO 4G

The HTC EVO 4G is my new smartphone and so far it is the best phone I’ve owned. This short video gives a walk around the EVO to show what it packs, and demonstrates how fluidly the Snapdragon processor keeps things moving. In the video you’ll see how the camera works for still photos, and get a look at the EVO web browser in action. Check out my full review if you like what you see in the video, and you can also get a feel for how the EVO 4G performs while traveling.

As a bonus, there is a comparison of the standard LCD screen on the EVO with the AMOLED display of the Droid Incredible. You can get a feel from watching the video what makes AMOLED the screen to beat (not counting the Retina Display), if Samsung can ever make enough. It’s a full side-by-side look at too of the hottest Android (s goog) phones today.