Google’s Schmidt Still Crazy About Mobile

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Credit: AP Images

By Charles Arthur: Google (NSDQ: GOOG) chief executive Eric Schmidt says that the experience of reading news will move to digital devices quite rapidly

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Media companies need to clean up the presentation of the articles first. How many times have you visited a local news website, only to be bombarded with pop ups and flash advertisement that takes half of your screen? While FOX and CNN are prepared for mobile – the local newspaper are not. They are going to die a slow death until the bigger media companies can swallow them whole.

My second point – sending personalized news will never work. Subscription based on selection is here to stay. Adding value to the information is key to mobile publishing. For an example – Android app uses the GPS on user’s phones. When an article is within specific miles – it will notify the user.

Subscription to content and filtering seems to work in the mobile space.

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