Vid-Biz: iTunes in the Cloud, World Cup Viewership, TiVo in Spain

Apple iTunes in the Cloud Coming Soon; iTunes will be getting cloud capabilities that many people have been asking for. (Boy Genius Report)

World Cup Reaches One-Third of All U.S. TV Viewers; soccer telecasts aired on all English and Spanish language networks reached approximately 34% of all U.S. TV viewers, according to Nielsen. (Nielsen blog)

TiVo Hopes to Reign in Spain; the DVR pioneer announced a deal to supply software and services that will power a next-generation TV initiative underway at ONO, Spain’s largest cable operator. (Light Reading Cable)

Revision3 Touts Unaided Advertising Recall of Up to 99%; when Revision3 has surveyed its viewers, it has discovered that almost all of them are able to identify at least one of its advertisers. (VideoNuze)

Redbox Testing Higher-priced DVD Rentals; kiosk rental firm is trying out higher prices on DVDs in five of its markets. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Google Wants Your Grandma to Use Video Chat in Gmail; the company has posted a video and an accompanying, printable guide for grandmothers to understand how to use Gmail’s video chat feature. (WebProNews)

DirecTV Bows Trio Of 3-D Services; the DBS provider introduced its trio of 3-D channels today, with a pair of linear services and an on-demand platform in the advanced format. (Multichannel News)

WOW Plugs In Hulu; WideOpenWest Holdings (WOW) is getting its TV Everywhere on by integrating Hulu into its customer Web portal. (Light Reading Cable)

Rogers Media to Debut ‘Prom Queen’; Canada’s Rogers Media will debut the web drama from Michael Eisner’s Vuguru studio simultaneously on its website and on the iPhone and iPad. (The Hollywood Reporter)