Opera 10.60 Released, Includes Built-in AVG Malware Protection


Opera Software today released Opera 10.60. The latest version of the speedy browser offers improved support for HTML5 (including offline apps and geolocation) and royalty-free WebM video. One additional feature that wasn’t included in either the beta or the release candidate is new built-in malware protection; it uses data AVG’s Web Threat Data Feed to provide real-time blocking of malicious websites.

The final release of 10.60 feels very snappy in use; running it through the Sunspider JavaScript benchmark on my Mac shows that its performance is pretty much unchanged from the beta release, which was slightly faster than the impressively quick 10.5. The browser speed war raging between Opera, Apple (s aapl) and Google (s goog) is resulting in some exceptionally fast browsers — good news for users who are increasingly reliant on JavaScript-heavy web apps.

You can download Opera 10.60 from opera.com. Unlike 10.5 (which was released on Windows first),  the 10.60 version of Opera browser is being released for Windows (s msft), Mac and Linux simultaneously.

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Stefan Otero

Malware viruses are a serious issue for those of us who enjoy using Gnutella programs. Malware can arise from almost any site…most of it is geared towards Windows based systems. But a good percentage will and can infect Mac OS-X.

Many people who ‘Never had a single trojan/adware/malware’ of any sort in years are clearly ignorant to the fact they even have these things.

This isn’t fully pointed at you Dave; Just people in general.

Dave Barnes

Really don’t see the point of malware protection.
Never got any viruses when I used Windows and never had any with my current use of Mac OS X.

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