Updated: Wired’s Dadich Adds Corporate Digital Mag Role

Wired Creative Director Scott Dadich’s role is expanding to corporate Conde Nast following the initial success of the magazine’s iPad app. As Executive Director, Digital Magazine Development, he’ll work at the corporate level to develop simultaneous print/digital publishing systems for the various magazine brands based on the Adobe (NSDQ: ADBE) partnership and Wired model.

The publisher has been experimenting with various approaches to digital magazines. This would appear to be a vote of confidence in the Wired model, which integrates digital development with the magazine staff’s print role. The first iPad edition sold more than 96,000 downloads at $4.99; the July issue hit the App Store Wednesday.

Update: Dadich told me by phone that effective immediately he’ll be working in his new role with Tom Wallace, editorial director, CN Publications, Rick Levine, VP-Editorial Operations, and others. First step: meet with all the magazine titles to begin talks about how “to establish the workflow and the creative processes that will allow us to make digital weditions of the magazines.”

Dadich will take the experience gained over the last year by creating a generic tablet edition and the specific iPad editions for Wired, using a publishing system based on Adobe Creative Suite. Most, if not all, of the other Conde Nast titles already use the suite. One of Dadich’s tasks will be help them figure out which aspects of the authoring tool work for them and what needs to be customized to each title. “It’s completely up to the magazines what that experience would be like,” he said. “Wired‘s acting as a lab, making mistakes, learning, having some successes … so that all 17 titles aren’t having the same learning curve.”

The first priority is working with The New Yorker for its planned fall launch of an iPad edition. At the same time, he expects working with the other titles to help him make the Wired experience better.