Google Makes Its Travel Search Move: Buys ITA Software For $700 Million


Credit: Flickr / kossy@finedays

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is making a big move into the travel search vertical, buying ITA Software, a company which provides back-end search and booking technology to both airlines and travel search engines. Google is paying $700 million in cash for the company, making it its fourth largest purchase ever, after DoubleClick, YouTube and AdMob.

As we pointed out two months ago when rumors of talks between the two companies first surfaced, travel is a big gap in Google



Another desperate attempt by Google to earn revenues in markets other than search. As you all know Google is a single product company and about 99.9% of its positive revenues come from Search. Lets wait and see..:)


Well..Its Good News Waiting For Its implementation …Great achievement of Google…I simply Admire it..!!

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