Video Walkthrough: Hulu Plus on the iPad


We just received access to Hulu Plus for the iPad, and the first thing we did was grab some popcorn for an Arrested Development all-nighter check out how the service looks on the iPad.

The Hulu app is clearly inspired by the applications published by ABC (s DIS) and Netflix (s NFLX). However, it’s still missing some of the cross-platform features that Netflix is known for. For example, users of the desktop version of Hulu Plus can’t add episodes to the iPad’s Queue.

GigaOM staffer Kevin Tofel did a walkthrough for us of the Hulu Plus app, which has been available on the iTunes App Store since yesterday (please note: Kevin’s walk-through is based on the free version, which offers limited access to content). You can check out the walkthrough below:

In our experience with the paid service on the app, we found that it still has a ways to go before it’s ready for primetime. Hulu Plus displays all video in 720p, which can be nice — if you have the patience to wait for it. In our early tests, we noticed some serious latency issues when starting up episodes.

Oftentimes, it would take 10 seconds or longer before an episode would play, and more often than once, we’d just give up completely. We also had the app crash on us once or twice. Those may be issues Hulu can easily solve — but it could also explain why the service hasn’t been made more widely available.

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video to ipad

ipad got so many problems,but still can’t stop people buying.
I guess just outlooking attract many,and some Personalize setting make you more comfortable.
Specially,it never similar with any others,so if you are conditioned to use Apple stuff,you are in.

Michael N.

Looks great! I just downloaded on my iPhone and the free content works like a charm! Only downside is that when I received a call, when the video resumed, it started over. I’m sure that will be fixed once the hulu plus service goes completely open. And I would happily pay $10/mo once it’s available on Roku or Sezmi.


Not sure why I should be paying for this.
I use Hula through Safari on my iPad with good results.

Kevin C. Tofel

Hmmm… when I hit in Safari on the iPad, none of the content is playable without a Hulu Plus subscription.


You are right!

Damn… When I last went on a few weeks ago there was no problem.
Now that really annoys me, since it is still free on a computer!

I cannot see why we need pay for the privilege to use it on an iPad.

I hope that ABC player and others do not follow suit.


the ads is a smart move. honestly i doubt if many ppl will remember they have paid for this app always. so an ad here or there shd be ok. for hulu though, it works great !

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