Video: LXD‘s Jon M. Chu, Lil C and Harry Shum, Jr. Talk About Dance

So last Friday, I headed to the Melody Ranch Studio, about 30 miles outside Los Angeles, to chat with the cast and crew of the highly anticipated web series The LXD (otherwise known as the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers). Productions that have used the Melody Ranch Studio as a location include Deadwood, The Lone Range and Maverick; as a result, it’s a fair guess that the second season of the dance-focused narrative, currently in production, includes a trip to the Wild West.

You might be familiar with the LXD dance crew thanks to their live performances on So You Think You Can Dance, this year’s Academy Awards and this year’s summer Glee tour. But unless you watch the below video, you WILL NOT KNOW:

  • What inspired director Jon M. Chu to create the LXD (hint: Miley Cyrus is directly involved).
  • What the difference is between dancing on Glee and appearing in a web series, courtesy of dancer/choreographer Harry Shum, Jr. (who appears in both projects, as well as Chu’s first feature film Step Up 2 The Streets.
  • Why LXD ended up on Hulu as opposed to YouTube (s GOOG), and what paths its international distribution might take — hinted at by producer Scott Ehrlich.
  • Why a series that’s all dance, all the time is revolutionary — at least, according to “King of Krump” Lil C.
  • Not to mention lots of other secrets!

So watch, be merry and forgive any moments of shaky Flip camera cinematography. The first season of The LXD launches July 7th on Hulu — we’ll have a review then.

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