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iPhone 4 Camera Used to Shoot TV Commercial

FLF Films, an ad production company based in Reno, Nev., recently shot the first TV commercial with an iPhone 4. Apple’s (s AAPL) new iPhone was released while FLF was working on a shoot for Minelab, a maker of metal detectors, and the folks at FLF decided to mount the device right next to their RED camera and even take it on a ride with a remote-controlled helicopter. Check out the results below:

I got in touch with FLF director Jerry Dugan, who told me via email that he used some light post-production on the material. “I did put the footage through Apple’s color,” he said, adding that the shot was otherwise done entirely with natural light, the same approach the company would take for a regular shoot.

Dugan said he ran into a few issues with the iPhone 4’s video camera: “There is a rolling shutter issue and a automatic shutter speed issue as well,” he wrote.  “This makes it a little tougher for motion but it does really well on stabilized platforms.”

FLF is still relying on RED footage for the actual commercial, which is going to be released on July 17, but Dugan told me he’s going to mix in some of the iPhone 4 footage as well. And he’s been working on some filters to deal with the shutter issues, as he’s eager to use the device in future shoots. ” I for sure could see shooting a whole spot with this amazing device,”  he emailed me.

Check out some photos of the shoot with the iPhone mounted next to the RED camera below:

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