Fisker Backer Eyes IPO as Tesla Stock Keeps Rising

In its first two days of public trading, Tesla Motors (s TSLA) has seen its shares rank among the stock market’s biggest gainers. Tesla’s stock debuted on the Nasdaq Tuesday at $19, and rose 40.5 percent over the $17 offer price to close at $23.89 after a rally late in the day. That momentum appears to be continuing, with shares in the electric car maker opening at $25.96 today, hitting a high of $30.42 in morning trading and changing hands at between $27 and $28 per share this afternoon, up more than 15 percent.

This appetite for Tesla’s stock, apparently still unsated, has captured the attention of Ray Lane, the Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist and former Oracle executive who has backed plug-in hybrid startup Fisker Automotive. “Certainly we would plan to sell shares in the public market once the Karma is on the road and we have visibility into the revenue plan,” he tells Delaware Online, adding that Tesla’s successful IPO represents “good news in that it provides real market data on what value investors place on new vehicle companies.”

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