Google Adds New Personalization Features To Google News

Google’s long-rumored redesign of Google (NSDQ: GOOG) News is finally a reality. The company is releasing a new look, which includes ways for users to personalize the site. It’s now centered around a “stream of headlines” which are automatically adjusted to a user’s interests. Google doesn’t say how it is coming up with the automatic suggestions, but users will be able to adjust them by specifying subject areas they are interested in. Visitors will also be able to indicate what news sources they want to see more — or less — content from.

The changes come as other major news sites, including and, have added new customization features for users as part of their own recent redesigns, but haven’t made them a centerpiece.

Other changes to Google News are more minor, including much-needed sharing features, so that users can share articles with friends via social networks and e-mail. A spokesman tells us the redesign is “rolling out over time and won


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