Roku Gets MOG Streaming Music App

Roku said this morning that it’s added the MOG on-demand music service to its broadband set-top box, expanding the number of streaming services that are available through its platform. The addition of MOG comes as Roku increasingly strikes partnerships with content providers.

Unlike Pandora, which is also available on the Roku Player, MOG is an on-demand music service that allows its members to stream from its catalog of 7.5 million songs with no restrictions on what they can listen to or when. For $4.99 a month, MOG subscribers will have access to the full catalog from their Roku player, and for $9.99 they will be able to access the same content on Roku, their desktop PCs and through upcoming mobile apps that will be available on the iPhone (s AAPL) and Android (S GOOG) mobile devices.

The addition of MOG comes not long after Roku added five new channels to its lineup, including Sunimi, Roxwel, Spacevidcast, EZTakes and Roku has been rapidly expanding its offerings since launching with Netflix’s (s NFLX) Watch Instantly streaming service, opening up to offer video content from Amazon on Demand (s AMZN), and others.

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