Pogoplug Update Will Enable Cloud Printing

As if there weren’t enough reasons to buy CloudEngines’ Pogoplug — the little gadget that turns any USB drive into a personal storage locker accessible over the Internet — the company today announced a neat new feature: web printing. You’ll soon be able to connect a printer to the device and print from anywhere.

Initially the free web printing update (which will be pushed out to users later this summer) will support all HP (s hpq) printer models and all Epson printers released since 2005. Printers can also be shared with friends, family and colleagues through the Pogoplug.

The Pogolug update effectively enables you to get the kind of “web printing” functionality that HP recently announced for its new range of ePrint printers, without having to replace your existing printer.

This should be a very useful upgrade, and makes me wonder what other gadgets you could potentially interface with the Pogoplug to provide enhanced mobile productivity. You could conceivably use it to provide home automation, access your telephone, program your DVR, or control scanners and other items of equipment in your office, for example — anything that has a USB port could be programmed using it.

What would you like to connect to your Pogoplug?

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