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AT&T Premier: Save Some Money On Your iPhone Plan

If you’re a college student, hopefully you’re no stranger to some awesome discounts you can get on a Mac. Right now, you can even get a free iPod touch after rebate when you buy a new Mac, just for being a student. But what if you had your eyes on a shiny new iPhone 4? Here’s a quick way to save some money on it too.

Regardless of how you feel towards AT&T’s quality of service in the U.S., the company is good for at least one thing and that’s offering some lucrative discounts. Why not save some money if you can?

It’s called AT&T Premier and it’s a service that AT&T offers to select business partners and in return, those affiliated with the partners can reap nice discounts on AT&T hardware (iPhone 4 excluded) and discounts on the monthly rate plan and data plan.

So who qualifies for AT&T Premier? AT&T offers a tool on its website to check your eligibility. Simply enter in your work email address and go. The best part is, when you get the discount, it doesn’t extend your contract. And if you ever leave the company, the discount will still apply until you tell AT&T otherwise.

But wait — didn’t you get the vibe I was aiming this at college students? Most universities also qualify for AT&T Premier discounts just for being an enrolled student at a college or university in the U.S. So before you graduate, see if you qualify for a discount!

Are you an AT&T Premier customer? How much money have you saved? For me, it was about 15 percent off my rate plan and a pretty darn good deal on another non-iPhone for another member of my family. Check it out and let us know what you think.

8 Responses to “AT&T Premier: Save Some Money On Your iPhone Plan”

  1. Both my wife and I qualify for the discount but… the email that was sent to me states:

    “* Requires a two-year service agreement. Service discount is provided solely as a result of the business agreement between AT&T and your organization and is subject to change and/or termination without notice to you. Other restrictions may apply.If you have a question about your eligibility, please contact your organization’s benefits coordinator or telecommunications manager. “


  2. alangenh

    I signed up today. I work for the government — it looks like there is a 15% discount on the service plan, but it doesn’t look like there is any discount on the data plan… does that seem right? When I logged onto the premier site last week to check it out, it looked like you got 15% off the 2GB data plan as well.

    Another thing to note — when I was in the AT&T store picking up my iPhone today, I asked them about the discount. They said it was an 8% discount if I did it in the store. I don’t know if he was wrong or if there really is a difference between signing up online vs. signing up in person.

  3. trekkie

    My employer allows me to have 25% discount. It only applies to the rate plan, not to the iPhone data plan. BB users got a discount on their data plan. Haven’t check if the new data plan falls under the discount, that might be something to push me to getting off the all i can eat but I doubt it.

  4. I can tell you that as “Premier”, we requested an order be put through for the iPhones (two upgrades to the iphone 4) and they were shut out of pre-ordering at 9:00 AM.

    Further, realize that you cannot go to anyplace OTHER than an AT&T Corporate-owned store or their Premier telephone service to get hardware. So, again, because of the iPhone cluster (rhymes with duck), I couldn’t go queue up anyplace else because AT&T doesn’t share the activation servers for Premier with any other channel partners.

    I will admit, though, getting somebody to pick up the phone quickly to provide support service is pretty sweet.

  5. This is NOT just for students!!! As the other commenter mentioned it is for university employees too. Infact… all you need is a valid email ending in .edu (you are sent a link to that email so you must have current access to it). I am a Univ Miami employee and I have been getting this discount from even before I had an iphone. My savings are basically equal to all of the taxes and ‘fees’ that get tacked onto your plan.
    ALSO… This works for gov’t employees too. I also have a valid .gov email address and I tried it out with that and qualified. When I first looked into it a few years ago it seems like the deal was slightly better with my .edu email (not sure if there is still a difference but if you have both a .gov and .edu email address like I do then check out both). Aside from checking that email address they do nothing to verify that you are currently a student or employed there so as the article says, if you are about to move on to the private sector it is still worth signing up!

  6. drydeniv

    Penn. State University employees (grad students, too) get 22% off of services (data, text plans, et c.). I have 3 iPhones and 1 smart phone with data plans, and a data card – premier saves me $50/month! – granted my bill is still $270. Still worth it.

  7. Wow! I had no idea this existed! I provided my college email and I apparently qualify! I thought there was no way I could afford an iPhone plan but maybe now I can! :)