tempalias: Temporary, Anonymous Email Addresses


If you need a throwaway email address — perhaps you’d like to sign up for an online service or community without providing your real email address because you’re concerned about spam — look no further than tempalias. Any message sent to your temporary tempalias address will be anonymously forwarded to your real email account, and you can set a maximum number of days or messages for which the tempalias will be valid. When either limit has been reached, your tempalias will automatically be deleted.

Unlike certain other, similar services, temapalias doesn’t require you to register with an account or provide any personal info (apart from your real email address), and the service is completely free — there aren’t even any ads on the site. And while there are services like Mailinator that are also free and don’t require you to register in order to use them, with tempalias your email is kept private and is sent to your personal inbox, rather than being available on the web.

How do you avoid spam?

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I to have attempted this on a number of occasions. It refuses to forward.



Tried it twice more today. Once with a gmail account and another with a corporate account and neither worked.


I tried this three times a few days ago and I have NOT received any of the forwarded emails. So they are either harvesting email addresses or it is a good idea poorly executed.


Too good to be true? Maybe they are collecting email addresses for spamming purposes?
Just based on above information, don’t have more about the company/person behind it.

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