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Yahoo Tries To Set The Standards With Online Style Guide

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO), which has spent much of the last year focusing on its media properties, will have a printed style guide to go along with the effort next week. The company says The Yahoo Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing and Creating Content for the Digital World will come out in print July 6. A free, online version, which includes online style points and basic articles on subjects, such as SEO and user-interface writing, is already live.

Yahoo says in its announcement that “there hasn’t been a comprehensive manual of online editorial best practices to guide writers and editors.” The AP Stylebook, which is the equivalent for print media, appears to have noticed a gap too. The publication included new “social media guidelines” in its 2010 edition, but on its website, it is still prominently soliciting suggestions for a forthcoming section on “new media and social media.”

By putting out its guide to online writing first, Yahoo gets to establish itself as setting the standards in online publishing. That image should be especially useful as it tries to counter concerns that the quality of content on its sites may degrade when it begins to add content from Associated Content’s hundreds of thousands of contributors.

4 Responses to “Yahoo Tries To Set The Standards With Online Style Guide”

  1. Yahoo editors and writers produce very terrible quality of contents everyday. For me, there is no need to set standards for writing on web. One must apply his/her own unique styles/practices for correct writing and technique.

  2. anniepk

    This is an interesting choice. Despite their efforts to revamp and revitalize, I don’t think anyone’s associated Yahoo with style since the days when our dial-up service came on a floppy disk in the mail.