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Apple Isn’t ‘Recalling’ iPhone 4, But Should That Option Go On The Table?

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Yellow blotches, a dodgy phone antenna and easily-breakable glass. With grumbles about iPhone 4’s build quality growing, at this point one might be forgiven for expecting a recall…

But when the UK’s Mail On Sunday reported such today, it got the wrong end of the stick. It quoted Twitter’s @ceoSteveJobs as saying “We may have to recall the iPhone. This I did not expect.” … except @ceoSteveJobs is a fake Steve Jobs (not even the Fake Steve Jobs). The Mail quickly retracted its story after noticing the parody (copy here, courtesy of TheNextWeb).

But would a recall be such a bad idea… ?

As our finance chart shows, though June 7’s iPhone 4 announcement piled more than $30 on to Apple’s stock, the days in which the phone has actually been available have seen retrenchment, as reports of problems and supply issues filtered through….

With early reports of poor iPad WiFi reception (I can vouch for them), the iPhone 4 issues and – on a personal note – my iPhone 3G power button simply fell off recently, Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) needs to work carefully right now to retain its reputation for attention to detail and expert product building.

The Real Steve Jobs’ answer has been to tell users they’re holding the gadget wrong, that the blotches will go away and: “There is no reception issue. Stay tuned.”

Between these answers, may lay a combination of denial, truth, PR retort or arrogance. Jobs’ latter response may suggest a software update in an upcoming iOS upgrade. If the murmurs grow, Apple could have a material problem on its hands. But we simply don’t yet know how representative the complaints will turn out to be.

Until then, there’s an app for some folks finding the reception problem – it’s called Scotch tape. Apple is getting a little damaged by these reports, and ridiculed in another kind of parody; it must act…

19 Responses to “Apple Isn’t ‘Recalling’ iPhone 4, But Should That Option Go On The Table?”

  1. lywell

    I think the obvious solution here is if Apple gives iPhone 4 customers a complimentary rubber bumper. If this truly helps with signal reception, it will surely save the cost of having to recall an entire product line. IMHO.
    While I love their products, I do hope Apple steps up on this one.
    The iPhone 4 tempting features, HD Video Recording and reviews:

  2. James Goatcher

    Art Vandelay

    I’d like to know how many British people [if any] were directly involved in the decision making, planning and execution of this tragedy – please don’t forget that 11 people were killed.

    I think you’ll find that the project and execution team was composed from almost 100% US nationals. It is very likely that the management / supervision on the rig were all US nationals and the workforce was amost certainly composed from expatriates from Mexico or similar but no way would they have been predoninantly British. In fact I would guess that there probably wasn’t a single British person involved in the events leading up to the disaster.

    The equipment was exclusively from the USA, including, I understand the faulty equipment although this is alleged only.

    So although BP is the Owner of the Company – all of the poor decisions, equipment and actions were likely made by Americalns.

    Suggest you look to yourself / yourselves in the good ‘ol US of A for the answers as to where the blame for these incompetent decisions and procedures should lie

  3. Dave Bowen

    As an HTC smartphone user for 6+ years I have always knocked the iPhone. However the official lack of product support, fixes and updates mean you have to use a nasty cooked ROM or run slow. I waited in line on Thursday for my new iPhone and I am 100% delighted. It’s amazing and I’m a total convert. I’m not left-handed but it works as a phone and a lot more.

  4. atazerxes

    I purchased the iPhone 4 Friday and have had nothing but problems with reception. More so than my wife. Although, when she gives me her phone the reception disappears a few seconds after I hold it. The Apple store was packed with people complaining about the same issue when I went in for an appointment on Sunday. They do not have a solution but claim a patch or bumper case (which the stores are sold out of) are possible solutions. As for me, I have never had reception problems with my old 3G iPhone and I guess if Apple doesn’t resolve the issue before the 14 day return period, I will return it and go back to my old 3G. Serves me right for breaking my normal rule of not buying 1st generation products. :-(

  5. Duarte Molha

    I think some of the ppl here are missing the point of the video… yes they are making fun of the situation but it is more about the general behavior of mac apologists such as Mossberg. The truth here is just that Apple have released a faulty product and no apple fanboys seem to be able to face reality… not even journalists that should have impartial views! Yes Apple should recall their phones and solve the problem or at the very least give their rubber casing away to every iphone owner so they can use the phone… and not sell if to squeeze another 30 bucks from their users.

  6. AdamChew

    Lately there is a lot of hatred directed at Apple – so what your problem, not happy get a dead end droid and stop whining,

    No one force the product on you you make your bed so lie in it and stop whining like a cry baby. Self pity will no beget pity except contempt.

  7. rainmon

    Hilarious video LOL! Love it! I watched the entire interview with Steve Jobs at the D8 conference and at the end they opened up questions from the audience and this guy stood up and said how much he loved his iPhone except he was wondering when he was going to be able to make phone calls without having them drop after 1 minute every time… what an apple head… I have a great Nokia phone here in Bangkok I bought for about $40, works great! Short AAPL

  8. Art VanDelay

    John Smith,

    I will take America’s problems any day over the UK’s. I look forward to visiting your country when the pound reaches parity with the dollar, which will probably be a few short months after the Euro does.

    As far as the oil is concerned, I’m not surprised. I’m glad that we’ve finally identified an oil company that actually has the worst safety measures, worst ethics, and the worst regard for human, animal, and environmental life. Kudos to you BP (But don’t call us British Petroleum). And that is truly an amazing feat given that reputation had long belonged to Exxon in a landslide.

    Oh, and while you are so quick to send your regards for the free oil we’ll be thanking your pensioners for footing the bill to clean it up and then some. And right after you pay get ready to get barred from ever doing business in the US again. Once BP takes on its new moniker (Bankruptcy Protected) be sure to crow to the Americans when your largest company gets bought out by the Chinese.

    Good day sir!

  9. wallacefgrey

    John Smith dear boy, we all know you haven’t returned any iPhone 4 and don’t forget that it is pretty much the Brits and the Yanks against the rest of the world. The obvious remedy is to buy a few shares of Apple and enjoy owning the finest gadget available.

  10. Theiphonenerd

    Well I have the iPhone 4 and all the other gen. And so far all the problems that people are posting about the new iPhone is all crap coming out their mouth, I don’t have any problem, BTW if you ever own an apple product you should know better that apple stand 100% on their products. So if you are experience problems just return to the apple store.
    I have asked many people on my blog and so far none of them has that issue

  11. John Smith

    Martin there is a reason why the USA can’t do what they want, actually there are two : 1) Russia
    : 2) China
    The USA might be big and have plenty of jar-heads that will uphold the status quo, but if you think that the world will bow down to you, well let’s just say that my point of Americans being stupid is …..
    Britain owned America once don’t think we can’t again.
    Next time you see a British bulldog think about its name then think about it doing you mom.

  12. Martin

    I agree with Art VanDelay; personally I haven’t had any problems with my iPhone 4 I read about the death grip myth tried it it didn’t work, as for the glass well sadly I’ve dropped my iPhone three times since buying it June 24 but the good news is it hasn’t broke so I don’t know if these alleged reports against apple is even legitimate. John smith shut your tea loving ass you British bloat p.s. John watch what you say to the world super power we kicked your tea loving asses once there’s no problem for us to kick it again.

  13. John Smith

    Dear Art VanDeGAY;
    Enclosed to America is my kindest regards and a bottle of oil…..hope I never spilt any…….
    As a member of the United Kingdom I have returned my iPhone 4 due to the problems reviewed in Robs brilliant article, also my two friends whom also purchased the said mobile telephone were surprised to find out that it did not make phone calls when being held in their left hands.
    Maybe it’s because of the fact that the English are smarter than Americans or it’s just the fact that Americans don’t have this problem due to their lack of bone in their fat hands, I do not know, what I am sure of however is that of someone in the UK gets a faulty product its going back.
    So please do us a favour and use an a-bomb on another innocent nation instead of giving out faulty products to Her Majesties subjects. Thank you and enjoy the free oil.

  14. Henry 3 Dogg

    I’m sure some people would like to see the iPhone 4 recalled. But I don’t think that it’s the people who have bought them.

    You may not know, but the purpose of journalism is to report the news, not to create it.

  15. Art VanDelay

    Wow, hate Apple much? How about providing some real information, such as what % of Iphone users are experiencing these issues? Is the reception problem a hardware or a software issue? Because the likely outcome is that Apple will issue a software update and everything will be fixed. But then I guess jealous, biased media “journalists” will have to find other stones to throw at Apple. Not surprised either that this came out of a UK media outlet after being so easily duped by a clearly labeled parody Steve Jobs Twitter account.

    So my question is, which is worse- UK journalism, or its soccer team? Now that would be an article worth reading!