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YouTuber JP Metz Has Plenty of (Angry) Makeup Tips

Hey guys! It’s Day 4 of YouTuber Week, in which we feature some of YouTube’s (s GOOG) most interesting talent. Feel the excitement!

One type of YouTuber that I actually have written about before a fair amount is the makeup vlogger, a breed of video creator who teaches viewers the intricacies of cosmetic use. Technically, JP Metz is one of these gurus. However, Metz has something special going on.

See, a lot of the YouTubers I’ve observed make it a point to be positive, perky and complimentary to their followers. Metz, meanwhile, is not. Her YouTube channel’s official description informs visitors that she is here to “ANGRILY and RELUCTANTLY show you how to put make-up on your damn face.” She regularly curses out her audience and calls their comments stupid. Yet somehow, the overall effect is incredibly refreshing — not to mention serving as a hilarious parody of makeup vloggers.

For example, here are Metz’s tips on how to look less ugly this summer. “Let me demonstrate it, because you’re dumb,” she says to the camera.

Another video features Metz’s strong opinions on the BP oil spill. It is relevant, because she delivers it while she applies green eye shadow (because of the environment, of course).

Metz’s most popular video to date, at approximately 117,000 views, is a three-minute rant directed towards “Angela,” a “waitress at Applebee’s” who Metz accuses of trying to steal her boyfriend Mike. Said rant is disguised as one of the funniest makeup demonstrations I’ve ever seen, full of don’ts, not dos. One of her valuable tips: “You shouldn’t go tanning if your face LOOKS LIKE MARS!”

It turns out, though, both Mike and Angela are fictional, as Metz confesses in a follow-up video. “It was just something I thought would be funny,” she says. Fortunately, it really was.

On a production level, Metz’s videos don’t stand out in any particular way, though they are competently edited with a playful use of ironic sound effects. It’s strictly her on-screen personality that draws you in. That is, if you find yourself amused by her abrasive style, which I can easily see not being for everyone — and likely why her videos plateau in the five-figure range (she currently has about 82,000 subscribers, though, which ain’t too shabby). But if you have a high tolerance for use of the word “frigging” and don’t mind being called a moron, you might find Metz’s particular brand of commentary addictive.

So, in conclusion: Apparently today (June 24) is Metz’s birthday. Happy damn birthday, girl.

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