The Facebook Imperative

0 Comments started a decade ago with the mission to answer a simple question: “Why isn’t enterprise software like” Why aren’t business applications run from a simple website, without cumbersome and expensive software and hardware?

At the time, businesses weren’t ready for or other services that were changing the consumer landscape. What a difference a decade makes. Now, it’s not Amazon that frames the questions or provides the answers.

Today is obsessed with a new question: “Why isn’t all enterprise software like Facebook?” Facebook redefined consumer computing and ignited the social phenomenon. It’s where we go to see important events in our social lives. Everything we want to know is pushed to us in real time.

Now we must transform the business conversation the same way Facebook changed the consumer conversation. Market shifts happen in real time, deals are won and lost in real time, and data changes in real time. Yet the software that runs our enterprises is anything but real time.

New real-time cloud applications are overhauling enterprise collaboration. For example, Salesforce Chatter brings the best of Facebook and Twitter to businesses, and it’s completely secure and private — making people more productive and companies more competitive. We’ve seen it in action ourselves: Chatter fundamentally changed how collaborates on product development, customer acquisition and content creation.

We are on the precipice of a major industry shift. It stems from a much-needed change and a once-in-a-decade simple question. This time, we’re all ready for the answer.

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