iPhone 4 Launch Day Sees Big Lines Everywhere

iPhone 4

Most cities in the U.S. saw an unusual heavy traffic spike in the wee hours of the morning today. It is launch day for the latest phone from Apple, and from indications hundreds of thousands of iPhone 4 owners-to-be headed to the nearest Apple store to lay claim on the smartphone. The iPhone 4 is the best phone from Cupertino to date, and reports indicate first day sales will be impressive.

The iPhone 4 runs iOS4 and is a nice package of industrial design goodness. It is slimmer than previous models, yet crams more features in the little package. It’s been fun to watch the web for reports from the trenches, and on Twitter the excited tweets from new owners have been entertaining.

Like any hot new phone, the reports of scattered problems with the iPhone 4 are already appearing, but out of what must be a million phones that will be sold today it’s only to be expected there will be some with problems. I wouldn’t put too much stock in accounts of flaws, as I am sure the vast majority of the phones are just fine. There are no doubt a lot more new iPhone 4 owners who are as excited as a kid on Christmas morning than there are those with problem phones.

I didn’t stand in line as I just got a new phone that is still making me happy. Geek that I am, though, there are no promises what I might do in the future. :)

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