Farmville Now On the iPhone


Those crops need harvesting! Social phenomenon Farmville is now available on the iPhone and iPod touch.

A portable iteration of Zynga’s popular farming simulation game was originally announced for Apple’s (s aapl) portables at this year’s WWDC, and the application is now available in all iTunes stores.

The farming game, which sees players buying and selling crops and livestock, made its debut on Facebook in June 2009; just last year, quickly rising to millions of players. At its absolute peak the game has attracted more than 85 million players, and now with the addition of a free app Zynga is no doubt hoping that figure will increase.

On the web, Farmville is strictly a Flash-only affair, but of course to debut on the iPhone developers Zynga had to create a non-Flash compatible version of the popular game. Its new 9.7MB iPhone friendly version of the farming simulation title works in a similar fashion to that of the online game, allowing gamers to access their same farm from Facebook and tend to their crops and animals.

New gamers will need a Facebook account to play, whereas existing players can simply login with their Facebook credentials. Once connected, any changes made on a players portable farm will be reflected on a users Facebook farm, and vice-versa. Those who do choose to download the app will find a range of new Farmville items available which are exclusive to iPhone and iPod Touch users, including a Snow Leopard.

The launch of the Farmville application comes at a good time for Zynga, as pointed out by Mashable, despite the games huge popularity the titles install base has seen a drop in recent months, losing nearly 10 million players in the last 30 days alone.

Do you already play FarmVille, and will you be downloading the new mobile version of the game? Or are you one of those who avoids social games like these at all costs to avoid Facebook notification insanity?



THIS DUMB APP…. It was working for me and all of a sudden it says “There seems to be an issue laoding your farm” And when i try and try again it says the same thing… like i said it was working before. But not now.. I can load my wifes and mothers farm but not mine…..
Ive tried Deleting the app and re-installing more than 6 times
anyone have a solution?

Iphone 3g
fw 3.1.3

I also play on PC using Firefox/IE.
Is there a solution? WTF ZYNGA!!


Doesn’t work for me please help…It is always saying “there seems to be an issue loading your farm. Would you like us to try again.” I have the I Phone 3G with the new update, Please again help me….


Farmville? like seriously? is it that important to discuss on: apple blog, wwdc keynote, and all over the place? i dont get why its so import. its a game people. its a game!!!

its one thing if you show off your hardware using a app that does something amazing.

displaying a app like farmville on iphone 4 is like running ms paint via bootcamp on a mac pro.

hehe XD

(by the way this is not against the writer, but simply to the whole thing/idea/phenomenon of “farmville” being a big deal)


Haha, no one wants to admit that they downloaded this app. It’s nice, pretty fluid. Takes a little while to load everything if you have a large farm (mine is enormous). It’s also pretty hard to, say, put cows inside of barns (or I’m too stupid to have figured this out yet). But overall, I’d give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Zynga did a good job bringing this to the iPhone platform.


Hi, I’m Gabriela Bucur. I need some Farmville iPhone neighbors to share some gifts! Will you be my friend / neighbor? Thank you!

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