Video Interview: Conde Nast’s Bob Sauerberg On Wired For iPad, Take Two

Wired sold more than 90,000 downloads of its first stand-alone app at $4.99 but what about the second issue or the third? Did Conde Nast squander an opportunity to do more with that first wave of interest? Not if you listen to Bob Sauerberg, the publisher’s group president of consumer marketing and the man throwing a lot of artisan spaghetti at the wall as the company explores ways to make money from digital.

In a casual video interview after the unveiling of Gourmet Live, Sauerberg told paidContent the continued evolution of Wired‘s content for the iPad will be accompanied by pricing changes. For instance, return readers can get the second issue for $3.99. “We’ll be using a variety of marketing approaches and prices to stimulate more volume for the second issue. We’ll see how it goes and we’ll learn from there.” Subscription strategy will wait for fall.

For more about Wired, the re-imagining of Gourmet and other Conde Nast digital initiatives, check out the video embedded below. Using an iPad or iPhone? Click here for the HTML5 version.