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Times UK Will Give iPad Income To Apple, Will Forgo One Month

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When The Times debuted its £9.99-a-month iPad edition in May, it launched without any built-in way for readers to pay again for a second month.

That risks leaving many readers out there with old Times editions on their iPad – and having to go back to iTunes Store for the next 28 days’ access. So on Tuesday the paper released an upgrade (1.4) that now includes renewals via iOS’ in-app purchasing mechanism

It’s crucial that early-adopter readers upgrade if The Times is to gain the recurring subscriptions it’s seeking. So it’s encouraging upgrades by offering an additional month for free to existing users who download the new version.

In an email to iPad customers (addresses are requested after initial download), Times Newspapers explains: “As you were one of the first to sign up, we would like to thank you for your support and, as a token of our appreciation, we

4 Responses to “Times UK Will Give iPad Income To Apple, Will Forgo One Month”

  1. I have found this app so glitchy that I won’t bother renewing my subscription. It’s a pity because it has real potential and I prefer having a newspaper in its original format rather than looking at a website.

    The app has crashed my ipad on a good number of occasions. Most annoying though is the fact that I tend to download my edition from home wirelessly in the mornings only to find that when i get to work, that copy has vanished and needs downloading again. I often don’t have access to wireless at work as I freelance so have to use 3G which I have to pay for. OK so I probably shouldn’t be reading it at work but that’s not the point! This happens throughout the day in spite of having downloaded the software update. There are bugs beside this, as well as missed opportunities (making summaries scrollable) and it tends to freeze and is in general too unresponsive with delays after input. It feels like it wasn’t ready to be released. I’m surprised Apple haven’t pulled it – it makes their device look bad.

    Having said all this, when it works, it’s good. But what a disappointment.

  2. Hello Roy, I’m a web development editor at – I’m really sorry to hear you had problems – I’ll get in touch wth paidContent:UK to see if they can pass you my details – alternatively I’m at this e-mail address if you’d prefer to contact me directly: [email protected]

  3. I received this offer, upgraded to version 1.4 of the app, repeatedly tried to download today’s copy of the paper on a subscription that still has a week or more to run and got a message telling me that my subscription needed renewing. I figured that this was a generic message and that the renewal would be free. WRONG! I have now been billed by the iTunes store for 6 failed renewal attempts – I am now nearly £60 out of pocket and still cannot use the app. Unimpressed.