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Quick Hits: iPhone Edition 06.24.2010

»  Supposedly, those pesky yellow blotches on the iPhone 4 will go away in a few days. An AppleInsider forum poster says they’re just a type of glue that hasn’t yet fully dried. [Engadget]

»  The reception problem may likely just be a software bug. What’s more is many users are reporting that in spite of a displayed weak signal, they’re still able to make calls. [BGR]

»  After writing up a positive review about the device, David Pogue does a follow-up Q&A. [NYT’s Personal Tech]

»  Walt Mossberg raves about the iPhone but says the battery life isn’t as long as advertised. [WSJ’s Personal Technology]

»  iPhone 4 warranty and insurance options. [Gizmodo]

»  The iPhone 3G S is sturdier than its predecessor, but the iPhone 4’s glass back concerns a warranty firm. [InfoWorld]

»  iMove is now also available. [9to5Mac]