HP and webOS Create Big Opportunities


The impending merger between HP and Palm have many looking to the future of the platform of webOS. Palm has been floundering for a long time and the hope from enthusiasts is that HP will leverage its vast resources to launch the webOS platform into a new beginning. Those willing to take on some risk will find that opportunities exist with the new webOS, and those opportunities are quite big.

HP’s new venture with webOS crosses two of the hottest segments in mobile devices — smartphones and tablets. The company has indicated it will be leveraging webOS in both of those categories, so the stage is set for an interesting ride. Developers of webOS apps would be wise to get talking to HP as soon as the merger is finalized later this year. One thing is clear — webOS is a very competitive platform for smartphones, and will be the same for the newly emerging tablet space. HP’s vast resources help set the stage for a very profitable run in both spaces, and developers have some outstanding opportunities.

These opportunities cross a number of areas in the mobile space, and I took a deep dive look at those (sub. req’d). There is a decent potential for reward in both of the mobile areas mentioned, and even the big printer business will get into play. The time is ripe for webOS to assume the legacy that good technology can create.


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