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Quick Tip: Keep Your Bookmarks in Sync

If you use multiple Macs then there’s probably been at least one time in your computing life when you’ve wished you could keep your Internet bookmarks synced between them. Other than MobileMe, the best way to do this is using Xmarks.

Previously named Foxmarks, this plugin has now been made available for Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer as well as Firefox, which previously was the only browser it supported.

Once you’ve downloaded Xmarks for whichever browsers you use, all you have to do is set up an account and the software will do the rest, working either as a preferences pane or as a plugin directly in the browser. All your bookmarks, whether they are in the bookmarks toolbar or in the folder hierarchy, are sent to the cloud, ready for syncing with another computer. When you log in from the second computer, you can even choose whether to replace your local bookmarks or merge them with the cloud.

Now whenever you make a change to your bookmarks, even if you only change the name or the location of one of them, the changes are synced with the website and changed accordingly on your other computers.

Xmarks also allows you to access your bookmarks from the Xmarks website, which is useful if you need to access one of them from a public computer, for example. Also available on the website is the ability to search the web and have the results sorted by how many people have the site in their bookmarks, allowing you to find sites based on whether other people have decided they are good, rather than what a search engine decides.

7 Responses to “Quick Tip: Keep Your Bookmarks in Sync”

  1. I’ve used Xmarks for a while, and I love it. I have all my browsers at work synced with my home browsers, and I even use the Profiles to keep just work related stuff on my work PC. This is one piece of software I have to have now, I’d highly recommend it.

  2. LargeFormat

    I have used Xmarks for a very long time. It is probably the most important thing on my computer. I can sync between almost all browsers on both my Mac and my PC. The beauty of the program is that I can jump around between browsers and all my bookmarks are updated almost immediately. It’s a brilliant piece of software.

  3. Thanks Josh. Now if you have any tips on the how the heck to keep read/unread RSS feeds synced across multiple Macs, Iphones, Ipad, etc. that would great, too.

    • Google Reader will keep everything in sync, and there are many RSS readers which support it. My favourites are:

      NetNewsWire for Mac
      Byline for iPhone/iPad
      Reeder for iPhone/iPad
      NewRack for iPhone/iPad

      Whenever any of these apps checks your feeds, it syncs the read/unread status of your items to Google, and the other readers update accordingly.