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Next New Networks Nears 1B Views, Profitability

Next New Networks is getting closer and closer to hitting a grand total of one billion video views, with a countdown viewable on the newly-launched Next New The tally as of writing is at approximately 989 million, meaning that it could be a matter of days for the site to break the ten-figure barrier.

And that growth has not just been steady, but ever-increasing. According to an emailed release, monthly views for the company’s wide range of content have nearly doubled from January to June 2010, with June expected to reach 63.5M, as seen in the graph below:

On Next New, you can download a commemorative poster, watch 50 of the network’s most popular videos, and make a prediction as to when the 1B line will be crossed. Also, if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, you can see a breakdown of the various networks and shows that have contributed to NNN’s grand total over the past four years.

Of the shows listed, two are denoted as coming “Next!” (V Sauce and ClickFitness), while by my count another 16, including the now-independent Epic Fu and canceled TMI Weekly, are at this point defunct.

However, that’s just a sign of how NNN’s business model has changed over the years, with a recent shift towards becoming an incubator for web video talent as opposed to investing in full productions. And according to CEO Lance Podell, the company plans to be profitable by the end of the year, depending on certain deals coming through.

“Hitting one billion views means that we’re really starting to represent scale, and that consumers have voted yes to the kind of content we do,” Podell said via phone today. “When the advertisers come [to web video], it’s because they understand that entertainment is evolving. This isn’t just a marker for us, but a marker for the industry as a whole.”

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2 Responses to “Next New Networks Nears 1B Views, Profitability”

  1. While this is certainly exciting and a milestone I’m extremely disappointed that Podell doesn’t seem to be holding on to his talent. NNN recently let go of Threadbanger hosts/producers Corrine Leigh, Rob Czar, and Meg Allan Cole. The details have not been made public but it just doesn’t make sense to me especially with the knowledge that the company is reaching a milestone that I can only assume may be attributed to great shows like Threadbanger.