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Libox Enables Personal Media Streaming On the Go

Libox has come out with new technology that will allow users to access their music, photos and video files anywhere, while also being able to share those files with their friends. The application, which is being launched into public beta today, uses a combination of local storage and peer-to-peer technology to enable users to view files anywhere, through the app itself or through a browser.

Libox works through a desktop application for Windows and Mac PCs that, once installed, can be used to scan and add files for sharing. And once those files are entered into the Libox system, they can be accessed when a user signs into the application on any other computer, or even by connecting through a web browser. Folders are automatically updated with new files when they’re added, so that if a user introduces new media on one PC running Libox, it will become instantly available on any other device accessing the account. In addition to being able to access files on the go, Libox allows you to share your media files with friends who also have signed up for the service.

It’s important to note that Libox does not store files in the cloud, but rather syncs storage between multiple devices using a smart peer-to-peer technology. When a user tries to access a file, it’s streamed from the original place where it was stored, and if multiple devices have accessed the file, they will both serve up pieces of it when streaming. When serving to mobile devices or browsers, the application works by sending optimized versions of the file for streaming. This works particularly well on the iPad, where through the Safari browser a user can stream any movie file they’ve imported, even if it wasn’t recorded in a natively supported format.

That Libox is available on practically any device is one key differentiator; its web browser-based streaming allows users to view their files in the same user interface used for the desktop app. Since both are built in HTML, the UI translates well between the application and web access. While mobile devices currently can access the service through the browser interface, Libox plans to make iPhone, iPad (s AAPL) and Android (s GOOG) apps available later this year.

Libox is the brainchild of entrepreneur Erez Pilosof, who had previously founded Walla, Israel’s largest web portal. The company has raised about $2 million in early-stage funding from Evergreen Venture Partners and Rhodium.

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