iOS 4 On iPhone 3G: Much Ado About Nothing


Don’t panic, your update to iOS 4 most likely worked. You just may have to look a little deeper to realize that all went well.

After restoring and upgrading my iPhone 3G to iOS 4 late last night, I could not help but feel that the upgrade did not even happen. That something went wrong and I did not have iOS 4 installed at all. I knew that multitasking would not be there, but no background images? After a little digging around, I was able to convince myself that the upgrade did complete successfully.

At first it appears as if nothing happened; all looks about the same. There is a subtle update to the dock, but you would have to really know what to look for to see it. If you then go to the About information in the Settings app, it will clearly state that the version is 4.0(8A293). The next thing to look for would logically be setting the background image or wallpaper. Unfortunately you’ll soon discover that feature is clearly missing on the 3G. So multitasking and custom home screen wallpaper is out.

So what is there?

Check out the Mail app. One inbox to unite them all. And the camera, just tap the screen, you now have a digital zoom. And of course Folders. Simply drag one icon on top of another, you now have folders. iTunes playlists have also been enhanced as well as the spotlight search and the built-in photo app. Slowly you will start to discover what new features are available to the 3G, and which ones are not. And according to the popularity of the iPhone 4, and various online polls that have been taken, it appears that most of us will be living with iOS 4 on the 3G for only a little while, as all of us are eligible for the upgrade.

What features are missing that you really wanted? Any that should be there but you can’t find?


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