Conferencing Sans Keyboard


Like most who try the iPad, this guy admits he thought typing on the virtual keyboard would not be good. Trying it proved that wrong, as it does for many owners. This is the only iPad I’ve seen in use at the conference today. Of course, I’ve only seen two other Macs at this techie conference. Lots of Dells, HPs, ThinkPads; well you get the idea.



Based on my hands-on time with the iPad, the virtual keyboard isn’t horrible. Since there’s plenty of screen space, it’s easy to hit the key I want the first time, and the capacitive digitizer responds delightfully to every touch.

But it’s not great, either, and no virtual keyboard ever will be. I simply cannot attain 60-90 WPM without the tactile feedback a good physical keyboard provides me. It’s also less straining to use since I can just rest my fingers on the keys without it doing anything.


I was exactly the same, I assumed that the typing experience on the iPad would be disastrous. However, I went into a local store where one was on display and typed at the speed I normally type at was really surprised.

Lorie Ghamy

For similar use , you can get handwriting notes (on the whole iPad screen) converted automatically in text with Writepad…

For finger and some specific stylus iPod / iPhone / iPad stylus !


I’m not sure how much you type during a conference.

For me, I keep my notes to a minimum because I want to listen to what the speaker is saying. I use SoundPad to record the presentation while making short notes in-between.

Hence the iPad serves my purpose.


I was at a MS Windows Phone 7 event yesterday in london and there were at least 5 ipads in the room including mine ;).


Techie conference? Based on the photo and the fact that there were lots of PCs and no Macs, I suspect it’s really a conference for suits, not geeks.

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