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CintaNotes: A Fast, Free Windows Note-taking App

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Regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of the note-taking combo of Notational Velocity on my Mac (s aapl) and Simplenote on my iPhone, because they’re exceedingly quick to use and they let me access my notes from anywhere. But if you’re a Windows (s msft) user, you should check out CintaNotes, as it provides a similarly fast, lightweight, access-anywhere note-taking experience for the PC.

CintaNotes is unobtrusive and doesn’t interrupt your workflow — you can leave it minimized in the system tray when you’re not actively using it. It lets you clip snippets of text (quotes, blog posts, article excerpts, etc.) quickly from whatever application you’re using: Just highlight the text, then hit the CintaNotes hotkey (Ctrl+F12 by default, although you can change it if you prefer) and the text will be stored as a note.

Your notes are listed in the app in chronological order, and you can organize notes using tags. Like Notational Velocity, CintaNotes has find-as-you-type searching to help retrieve notes, with advanced search options (searching by title, or the URL the note is from) also available.

CintaNotes is available as a portable app, so you can carry it with you on a USB Flash drive. And because it plays nicely with services like Dropbox — you just have to store your CintaNotes database in a folder on your file sync service — you can easily keep your notes synchronized across all of your PCs and access them from anywhere.

If you’re looking for a simple, lightweight, easy-to-use and, above all, fast Windows note-taking app that won’t interrupt your workflow, CintaNotes is recommended. CintaNotes is free to download and works on Windows 2000 and later.

What note-taking app do you use?

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4 Responses to “CintaNotes: A Fast, Free Windows Note-taking App”

  1. Mr ever

    I absolutely love evernote. Brilliant clients for iPhone, mac and win, and a great web app for all the other occasions. It can OCR text in pictures you take, accepts PDF attachments, why would i want anything else? ;)