Acer TimelineX Notebooks: Fast CPUs, All Day Battery


Consumers can be demanding in their expectations with notebooks. They want the notebook to be a good performer, so no skimping on CPUs is acceptable. On top of that they insist the mobile computer be capable of delivering long battery life, so they can maximize our time away from a power outlet. They want it all. Acer has released a new line of notebooks that attempts to deliver in both of these areas: good CPU performance while providing 8 hours of battery life. The TimelineX series of notebooks comes in four sizes to appeal to a broad audience– 11.6, 13.3, 14, and 15.6 inches.

Acer is putting full voltage Core i3 or i5 processors coupled with either 3 or 4 GB of memory for performance. The Aspire TimelineX notebooks range in weight from 3 to 5.5 pounds for good portability given the screen size options. The 14-inch model 4820TG has discrete graphics that are switchable from video performance to power saving mode.

The TimelineX line is available at major retailers starting at $599.99.

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The Acer site says that they are using Intel core i3, i5, and, i7 CPUs. Despite that I think, and would hope, that their using the ULV versions of the aforementioned chips. Because I like almost everyone else here, knows that if they’re not, the battery life on these computers has got to be over rated.


@NOPEHOPE Guess you have not used the previous gen Acer Timeline’s. I have a 3810T with an SU9400 and Intel 160GB SSD and can get 9 hours depending on settings. The 1830T will have no problems getting 8 hours or slightly under.


apples & oranges

11″ i-CPU’s will not be getting 8hrs

unless they secretly have a huge hump in the back with an 8000mah+ battery

John in Norway

I’ll take an 11″ one with a swivelling screen (non-glossy) and an active digitizer. Thankyou.


non-CULV 11″ 8hrs battery life – aint happenin.

tech hasnt changed that much in the last few years, besides Atom. battery tech certainly hasnt changed.

many 10″ Atom machines still real world only get 7-9hrs, & they have a fraction of the TDP as standard mobile CPU’s.

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