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iPad Sales Accelerate To Three Million

Looks like sales of the iPad — which were already going at a blistering pace — are speeding up. Apple says it has now sold three million iPads during the device’s first 80 days on the market, meaning it has sold one million of them over the last 21 days. By comparison, it took 28 days for Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) to claim one million sales and 31 more days to reach two million. The company also says there are now 11,000 new apps optimized for the iPad, up from the 8,500 it said there were just two weeks ago.

This is when we can begin to Monday-morning quarterback some of the early iPad sales forecasts. Piper Jaffray, for instance, expected, pre-launch, that Apple would sell between three and four million iPads during the device’s first year on the market. More likely that sales will be closer to iSuppli’s initial forecast of seven million in 2010.