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Vid-Biz: Local Broadcasters on Comcast-NBCU, FaceTime Video Calls, TV Upfronts

Local Broadcasters Fear an NBC-Comcast Deal; the owners of local stations are worried that if Comcast owned NBC, its market power would hurt competing stations and drive down retransmission fees. (NY Times)

FaceTime Video Calls Won’t Use Your Carrier Minutes; Apple confirms that its new FaceTime video calls won’t use up users’ carrier minutes, even if the video chats are initiated from within a voice call. (The Business Insider)

Increased Advertiser Interest Signals Resurgence of Big TV; impressive upfront numbers suggest that marketers still find that TV offers the most bang for their buck. (AdAge)

Digitas Measuring Engagement for Online Video Campaigns; now that media agency Digitas has established itself as major player in branded web videos, it’s aiming to measure the engagement of such videos. (Beet.TV)

Comcast Wants Set-top Box Options; the operator has embarked on a strategy designed to let it more easily mix and match set-top box hardware suppliers, as well as give it the ability to roll out interactive TV applications faster. (Multichannel News)

PLYmedia Strikes Deals with Brightcove, Livestream, Ooyala and Kaltura; demand is growing for closed captions on web videos, which is good news for PLYmedia. (Beet.TV)

Vizio Introduces Consumer-grade 3-D TVs; Vizio will soon demonstrate a 65-inch television that uses passive 3-D technology, so users won’t have to buy $150 glasses to watch video in 3-D. (High-Def Digest)