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Has Your iPhone 4 Order Been Canceled?

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Several online sites have been reporting that both AT&T (s t) as well as Apple (s aapl) have been canceling both online and in-store orders for both valid and non-sensical reasons. Either AT&T could not verify one’s eligibility for an upgrade (existing customers), AT&T could not verify who the customer placing the order was and therefore could not create a new wireless account (new customers), or Apple simply did not have enough devices to fulfill orders (oops, sorry). Whatever the reason may or may not be, the only thing for certain is that some orders are getting canceled.

Personally I made my purchase at a local AT&T Retail Store, and have an actual printed receipt to prove it. Unfortunately, before I got to the store, orders were being taken by hand and the information — including credit card and AT&T account information — was being recorded on paper order forms. As I waited to be summoned to a representative to help me place my order, the systems started coming back online. What started happening was all new orders were being placed electronically and the process to record information by hand stopped. What did not appear to be happening was that the huge stack of orders that were already taken manually were being processed electronically. Then by mid-afternoon, somehow the entire stock of iPhones were already accounted for.

Additionally, it appears that both Best Buy (s bby) and Radio Shack (s rsh) were performing the same service they typically do for all advance purchases of hot electronic devices like Playstation, XBox and Wii consoles and games. They take some form of deposit and guarantee your place in line. As soon as they get an iPhone 4 at that particular location, you will get an iPhone 4 from that same location. There is no way to check to see how things are progressing, and it’s very unlikely that advance notification will be coming for these reservations. And with only a rumored handful of new iPhone 4s to be allotted at each location (most likely less than 30 per location), this low-tech way of placing a reservation may still be your best bet to get an iPhone on the 24th if you got there early enough on the 15th to get your name on the list.

It appears as if Apple is informing its customers — that is, online and retail store pre-order customers — that their orders are being processed, shipped or have been canceled. As for those of us that pre-ordered from either AT&T Online or AT&T Retail Stores, many of us are still waiting to be informed of either good or unfortunate news this coming Thursday, as our orders are still “In Process.”

What about you? What’s the status of your pre-order? Has it been canceled?

70 Responses to “Has Your iPhone 4 Order Been Canceled?”

  1. i just got off the phone with an at&t representative and he told me my order was cancelled because i paid with a debit card and the bank cancels any orders that do not process after 2 or 3 days. To call the bank and now its like I didnt even made the order. UGHH Couldnt they tell me this when I was paying????

  2. Tommy Rodgers

    I finally gave up and decided to wait for the iPhone 4 when I found out that AT&Ts family plan is designed to destroy my happy home. Sharon and I have purchased each new iPhone version in the June madness using our ATT family plan billing. This year is different. Only one phone gets the 299 upgrade price. The other phone, usually not the master phone on the account, and in my case, Sharon’s phone has to pay full price, $699. Anyone want to tell Sharon i got the new iPhone and she didn’t? I am a coward, I’ll wait for the new iPhone 4 until after the price difference causes a spike in the divorce rate.

  3. Tushar

    @ JENNA

    My order was in same status as yours till last night, When I woke up this morning and checked on at&t store the status changed to Shipped and got Tracking number from UPS. although like others it doesn’t have any info in and even on UPS site it says they can not locate the shipment details. We will see when I get it.

    it be nice to people who will get theirs day early. early activation less hassle. and hope will help at&t servers stay stable. Wish i get mine day early. anyways Good Luck to all :) (for activation)

  4. I ordered my iphone around 2pm on the 15th and it’s STILL ‘in progress’ according to the AT&T website. I’m slightly worried since everyone else is saying their iphones have shipped. I called AT&T yesterday and they told me I had nothing to worry about. Whatever AT&T.

    • To be honest, I don’t know if we can believe ANYTHING AT&T says at this point. There’s been so much conflicting information published this week, it’s impossible to decipher.

      And given AT&T’s self-important arrogance beyond comprehension that’s been reported during the past two weeks, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they were telling everyone that called “not to worry” just to shut them up and get them off the phone.

      I remember in past years when Steve Jobs has come out in public and apologized for some (but not all) of Apple’s gaffes in the past – but I’ve NEVER seen that from anyone of any importance at AT&T and doubt we ever will.

  5. Laura C

    Ours is not a duplicate order, but it has been canceled. Yesterday we received CSS update emails from AT&T for my account and my husband’s. At 5am his order was canceled “not authorized”, but his AT&T contract end date has been moved forward to reflect the upgrade. My phone order appears to be active and I even got an email that it would arrive a day early, 6/23.

    • Brandan

      One of my orders was processed by Apple just fine. The other order was cancelled. The one order that was cancelled CHANGED my eligibility date on the line and now AT&T refuses to fix it. SO not only did APPLE cancel my Iphone 4 pre-order, but they screwed up my eligibility date so I can’t get a new phone for that line. AT&T told me that APPLE messed it up therefore they would have to fix it.

  6. I’ve heard from a few others that ordered from the AT&T website (specifically the Premier site) that have been in the same situation (order status shows as either Processing or Backordered even though their order was placed on the 15th prior to pre-orders being locked out around noon-1pm PT). A couple of them have actually called AT&T and both of them were told not to worry about the website status indications.

    @SHARKEZ – you may be able to contact Fedex and have them hold the package for pickup.

    We’ll have to wait and see at this point since it seems that anything AT&T is telling us is a complete crapshoot as to whether to believe them or not.

    • sharkez

      9pMT update–ATT site has SHIPPED(!) with pre-tracking UPS numbers. So my ATT web order has progressed – we’ll see how it tracks but it’s a good sign!

      • sharkez

        Yahoo. Got mine about 4pm MT today. Activated by calling ATT 800-331-0500 (see they have a different number in the box though). Set up as a completely new phone ( I find that the best way) and synching now. Sweet….

  7. Randy McG

    My order was cancelled by Apple becuase of an, “issue” with my ATT account, when I called they said they couldn’t see anything wrong with my account, but were unable to complete my original order(which was already paid on the 15th) and they would have to process the refund in the near future…wtf?

  8. I pre-ordered online from AT&T around 7am on the 15th. Just checked the web site and it says my phone has shipped. FedEx tracking number isn’t showing up on FedEx’s site yet though.

  9. Nelson

    I ordered in ATT store the morning they went on sale. 15 minutes ago (11:10am PST 6/21) my status showed “In Progress”, with a FedEx tracking# assigned but with no info available. Now at 11:25 it shows Shipped, but there is still no tracking info available. I expect the tracking info will appear by the end of the day once it’s in FedEx’s system. That’s the hope anyway. So at this point, at least, I don’t have much to bitch about. But hey, this is AT&T we’re talking about, so there’s still a chance.

  10. Everyone receiving cancellation emails have been sending in multiple orders your first order went through so they are canceling the 2,3,4th orders your submitting.. The reason your card is being charged is because your being charged for the first order you submitted. When the system freezes don’t try to continue to submit because if it goes through your order will be cancelled because the first order that you now don’t have confirmation on had been cancelled. I don’t know why everyone is getting pissed off at the company imagine all the millions of people trying to submit their order at one time it is impossible for the system to process all of them Im sick and tried of everyone bitching if you don’t get your pre order stand in line like everyone else at 5am to get it…………….

    • I am pissed at AT&T, rightfully so, because I expect a company that has a market exclusive on a product as desirable as the iPhone and did $123 BILLION in annual revenue for CY2009 and net profit of $12.5 BILLION for the same year to be able to build up their infrastructure to support these new product ordering phases. This is the fourth year of a new iPhone model. AT&T needs to spend the money to get it right OR GET OUT.

      I would love to see Apple write something into their contract with AT&T that allows Apple to cancel their exclusivity on 30 days notice for “lack of performance” issues.

      I’ll quit my bitching when AT&T “mans up” and grows a pair – but they still continue their endless profits not caring about the millions of customers they trample on the way.

      I’ve already cut off my home phone service with them – my cellular business isn’t that far behind, and when I go I’ll make sure that all of my family members, friends, business associates and companies that I do business with are aware of my displeasure.

  11. I have an interesting story that I’ll be blogging about in full once the dust settles, but to sum it up, I was in an AT&T store on the 15th at about 11:45am and the systems were down. They placed my order on a paper receipt and told me everything was good. I didn’t feel good about it because I knew at some point, the phones would sell out and my order wouldn’t be put in the system until later that day. I wasn’t going to be beat, so I when I got back to work, I kept trying to place a seperate order through I finally got one ordered and paid for at 4:30pm. I didn’t think to call AT&T to have them cancel my order because I figured they would have seen my Apple order or better yet, I would end up with two phones! ;)

    Anyway, just two days ago, Apple cancelled my order because they couldn’t “authorize” my account (AT&T basically said I already had an order out). So I figured, oh well, I still have my AT&T order, but my status still says “in progress” and my order date actually says 6/16/10. All of my friends who ordered on the 15th have a shipped status, so I can’t begin to guess when I’ll be getting my device.

    It doesn’t matter anymore; I’m over all this crap! AT&T sucks at just about everything now. The iPhone is the last string for me. Once that breaks, I’m gone (to wherever the iPhone goes).

  12. UPDATE: AT&T Online Order Status for both of my iPhone 4s now has tracking information! FedEx however does not yet recognize the tracking number, but that is to be expected. It appears that on the AT&T Wall people are starting to see updates to their status throughout the day based on the time they placed their order. I placed my at a local AT&T Retail Store at about 12:30PM EST on the 15th.

  13. My ATT order screens look a lot like yours, with the In Progress indication, except that both of mine show FedEx tracking numbers. When you click on the numbers, the FedEx site indicates the numbers cannot be found, but I suspect that is because these are pre-shipping number assignments.

    • My order status has been updated on both phones. My wife’s 16gb is still shipping via FedEx and it shows delivery of 6/23. My 32gb is shipping UPS; order information was transmitted yesterday, and it was picked up in Memphis today 6/22. It shows delivery method as Next Day Air, but no scheduled delivery date. I know Apple has said that phoes could arrive a day erly, so here’s hoping.

    • Ashley

      Mine says shipped and has a tracking number for UPS. For a while, UPS couldn’t find it, but now it says it’s in Tennessee. My boyfriend’s however, still says in progress and he ordered his 5 minutes before I did at the AT&T store.

  14. Frankly, is it that important to have the new iPhone on Day 1? With my iPad, I waited for a month, walked into my Apple store and was out again with my iPad in less than 5 minutes. I plan to do the same with the iPhone 4. I’m sure my existing iPhone 3G will keep on working for another 30 days…

    • It’s not about having a product on day one (at least to me) – the problem is AT&T’s (and to some extent, Apple’s) constant shifting of commitments and promises. It’s almost as if they’re figuring this out as they go along, and not doing a very capable job of it either.

    • I agree with you, and this is my first ‘first’ of any device, gadget or gizmo. Wanted to go through the experience at least once. Also wanted to avoid the chaos of buying a phone that first month or two. I did not expect this sort of pre-order chaos in its place.

  15. I placed my preorder via AT&T’s site at 6:30AM on the 15th. Went through the first time, no errors. I never got a confirmation email, but thankfully I printed the order summary page. My order shows up when I check on AT&T’s order status site, whether I use the order number or phone number. Up until this morning, it just said “In Progress.” Now it’s listed as “Shipped” and I’ve got a tracking number (though the tracking number isn’t yet found on FedEx’s servers. They haven’t charged my credit card yet, though, or at least it isn’t showing up online.

  16. Sharkez

    After no luck on the Apple site, I got through on the AT&T site on June 15 at 9:30aET. Got an email from AT&T on the 17th confirming the order. Logging into the order status site with either my order number or wireless number gives the same information (and order number): In Progress and order date June 16.

    Fingers crossed…

    • I wouldn’t count on it this week. It’s been widely reported that AT&T isn’t going to be fulfilling orders placed after midday on the 15th on release day.

      • SHARKEZ

        @CHRIS I placed my order at 6:30aPT (9:30aET) on the 15th on the ATT site. Still “In Progress” in the order site with no shipping status. If it does not show on the 24th I’m sunk ’cause I leave the following day and no one will be there to accept the package. Yah, it was a bet….

        Seems that the successful ones are those that did the pre-order at a physical location. Has anyone who ordered on the AT&T site had one shipped?

  17. Since placing the order at an AT&T Retail Store, I have found AT&T’s Facebook Wall ( a source of shared excitement and misery at the same time. A real live on-line drama. There seems to be some sort of rolling logic across the country as Order Status is being updated on AT&T’s System for individuals who pre-ordered from AT&T. So check AT&T’s on-line order status to see when it updates (

    • Here’s something even weirder.

      If I check the order status link in my order confirmation e-mail, it shows as “in process”.

      If I try to check the order using the URL given above, I have to enter the wireless number I’m upgrading because it doesn’t recognize my original order number – and that order status shows a completely different order number, entered on the 16th and on backorder. (I only placed one upgrade order on AT&T’s Premier page on the 15th.)

  18. My AT&T online upgrade order is still listed as “in process”, and I’ve verified that my card was charged either last Wednesday or Thursday.
    The order status page still shows as “Processing”, although when I call AT&T’s phone order status line, it says the items “are on backorder and will be shipped as soon as possible.”

    I placed my online order at approximately 10am PDT on the 15th, so I would think I should have a reasonable chance of receiving one (I placed the order for shipment, not for pick-up). I guess the key word there is “should”…

  19. I just got off the phone with Apple. I explained that my order that I placed on was canceled on Sunday and they just said, “sorry”. She said that I would have to place another order that would ship by 7/15. Wow! This doesn’t seem like a great strategy to fix a screw up this big.

  20. SouthernBro

    As of this morning, my iPhone has shipped from China. However, none of the tracking numbers work yet. I’m assuming this is because Apple is asking the shipper (FedX) to hold all orders until the 24th. I didn’t experience of the ordering problems that others have. I actually went to an AT&T kiosk near the World Trade Center here in NYC and none of us had even a hint of a problem with our orders. It was all very professional and streamlined. I didn’t know there had been problems with ordering until I left the store. I hope AT&T and Apple resolve the issues before the phones arrive in-store. Personally, I’ll be at MY store at 1:00 p.m. on the arrival day LOL

  21. I’m showing conflicting things as I have a premiere account. One page reflects that I ordered on June 15th .. The on the normal order page it lists my order as being June 18th and they are only filling orders on the 15th basically my purchase email is no good ..they charged my card but who knows when I’ll see my phone

  22. I pre-ordered my iphone4 in the store on the 15th, my order was hand-written due to the system being down and i just got a cancellation notice late last night.

    i’ll be calling the store when they open to find out why or what the next step is(if any, besides wait longer).

  23. I went to Best Buy to pre-order mine on the 15th and they guaranteed that I would be getting one on the 24th. They said they were going to call on thew 23rd to make a scheduled time for me to come in on the 24th to pick it up so they wouldn’t have long lines for people who did pre-order. Plus I got to pre-order the white one as well. I asked if they were sure they were getting them in and they said yes. We will see I guess.

  24. I was up at 2am on the 15th trying to place my pre-order, it took me an hour, but I got it in. Checked ATT online this morning and it is showing my iPhone has shipped. Thank goodness…I was getting a bit worried with all the cancellations.

    • It’s very sorry that we have to be so worried. My understanding is that it was AT&T’s lousy system that failed, not Apple’s. During my own pre-order ordeal, the process failed during the authorization step when Apple’s system was trying to talk to AT&T’s. I’m looking forward to getting my iPhone on Thursday, but I’m dreading the possibility that AT&T may drop the ball again. All we’ll get is an apology which won’t be good enough.

  25. My iPhone shipped from China yesterday morning. Unless someone decides to track it down, and hold it back, I should get my iPhone on Thursday. It took me 10 hours to finally get my pre-order in before Apple sold out. Every time I got a few minutes of free time, I made another attempt. I finally got the order to go through around 330pm. I hope that AT&T’s stupid system isn’t broken AGAIN on Thursday when my iPhone arrives. I think that would send me over the edge.