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Weekend Poll: Are You a Cord-cutter?

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One of the bigger comments debates on NewTeeVee this week revolved around cord-cutting, and whether it’ll still be “a myth,” like Nielsen says it is currently, in five years’ time. Heck, our good buddy Mark Cuban even came by to tell us that we’re wrong. (Again.)

Nielsen’s research above indicates that rather than declining, the number of cable subscribers has in fact increased dramatically over the last two years, whereas the broadband-only subscriber increase was minimal. But do those stats reflect our incredibly smart and attractive NewTeeVee readers? That’s what we want to know. So are you a cord-cutter? And if you’re not, to what degree do you watch online content anyways? Answer below, and feel free to tell us what you think in the comments!

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8 Responses to “Weekend Poll: Are You a Cord-cutter?”

  1. Ironically, while I have to vote “no” for now, Beth and I were discussing this exact thing yesterday. We’re debating the Tivo/Antenna/internet that’s not Time Warner route and trying to figure out what our best options for our viewing habits are.

  2. I think your missing an option:

    No, I am a cable subscriber, but I’m actively looking for ways to realistically cut the cord and/or reduce my cable bill.

  3. gonzo90017

    I’m a former cord cutter. I was pretty happy with GBPVR and Zinc since most of the shows I watch are available “Over the Air”. Then I became a Beta tester for Sezmi and I decided to keep it. Cable channels are SD but for $20 a month I can’t complain.

  4. The stats listed in that report show that the number of people with cable and broadband are increasing. It doesn’t seem to show people who are subscribing to cable who did not previously have it before.

    Also I am interested to know why those people who are new cable subscribers decided to make the choice. For example, I know that Comcast offers basic cable to broadband-only subscribers for a $5 per month discount for a full year. Presumably they do this to help bolster their subscriber numbers for all kinds of business negations throughout the year.

  5. Andrew Burke

    dealing with your comments box “flying away” on the iPhonne

    In Portland, many friends resort to a cable TV bundle to get cheaper Internet access. So, the Internet-only option is made to be unattractive. Way to go, OldTeeVee !

  6. If it wasn’t for all of the sports on cable TV I would already be a full online video convert. But I think as early as next year I could take the dive and go entirely online. Props to Daisy Whitney for leading the cord cutting movement!

  7. whatever

    this poll is meaningless. we know what the readers of newteevee will say. also, you should include an option for ‘never had the cord in the first place’. get with it.