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MobileMe Gets a Makeover

MobileMe has just gotten a makeover, featuring the new webmail, now out of beta, and a refreshed navigation system.

A little over a month ago, Apple (s aapl) introduced a new beta version of webmail for MobileMe. The new version supported features like widescreen or compact views, mail rules, single-click archiving, faster performance and better security and more. Now that the new webmail is out of beta, Apple has unwrapped a few additional features.

Support for External Emails

You’ve always been able to read Mail from external accounts but a new feature (since the beta) will allow you to reply to emails and make it appear to be coming from that account.

The way this process works is a little strange though. Basically, you setup your email account, for example, a Gmail account, to forward its messages to MobileMe. Then you setup MobileMe with a “Send From” account. Your emails will then be sent through the SMTP server of your original email account (the Gmail account in this example) and to your receiver will appear to be coming from your original account. In practice, the setup works pretty well, though it’s still not true external IMAP support, which would be nice. On the plus side, you can add as many of these external accounts as you wish, a welcome upgrade from the previous version.

Improved Junk Mail Filtering

Another new feature since the beta is automatic support for tagging emails as Junk, similar to how Junk Mail filtering works in Mail on OS X. If it messes up and there’s an email you want that’s not junk, just click “Not Junk.”

New Navigation

Pulling a design cue from OS X, the navigation bar has disappeared from MobileMe and been replaced with something akin to the application switcher on the Mac. Clicking the Cloud icon (or using the keyboard shortcut shift + escape) will bring up the Application Switcher, allowing you to easily move to another MobileMe app.

Beyond just the Application Switcher, the refreshed blue navigation bar has also been extended to the other areas of MobileMe, bringing updated icons along with it. Most of the other MobileMe cloud apps function the same, but the Find My iPhone app also got a makeover (coinciding with the Find My iPhone native app).

What do you think of the new MobileMe changes? Do you prefer to use MobileMe through its web interface or just through your Mac or iOS device? Tell us what you think about the new webmail or how you think Apple could make it better!

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9 Responses to “MobileMe Gets a Makeover”

  1. I think that the new interface is fine, and by fine I mean nothing that really matters that much. I have always used MobileMe for syncing and iDisk storage, but have a very large problem with it’s lack of support on the iPad. If Apple would open up the site to be used on the iPad I would be contact. Come on Apple! I know you’re getting it ready. Cheers.

  2. I dropped Mini me after it synsed my key chain into never-never land, but my daughter still has it. This morning mobile me mail locked up when she opened contacts and refused to run anything until she entered a name.


  3. I totally agree with Rob and Jake; until they make MobMe free, I will have no interest in participating. Whilstever Google’s online offerings continue to improve, and products like Dropbox, Evernote and Simplenote continue to provide an excellent selection of online capabilities for free or close-to, there is simply no reason to pay Apple any more of our hard-earned cash than we already do.

  4. Chris:
    Can you verify the number of MobileMe customers from a “Software as a Service” standpoint? Developer is attempting to forecast cloud computing forecasts. Any way to access Apple retail metric reports? To whom should be approached?

  5. These are nice changes. However, I am still looking for a reason to renew my subscription this year. MobileMe is not expensive, but throwing away $100 on a service that offers nothing that free services don’t already offer makes me feel like a bit of a chump. :/