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FAIL: US Presidents On Energy Independence

John Stewart, as he often does, hits the nail on the head when it comes to U.S. policy and presidential proclamations on energy independence and foreign oil. Love this video clip, which as Paul Kedrosky points out is both funny and sad. Gotta watch it:

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6 Responses to “FAIL: US Presidents On Energy Independence”

  1. Steven Rickelman

    Is there anybody going to remind Obama about tire pressure control??? How much he said we will save? Let him be a complete idiot he is and do it. Appoint Tire Pressure Tsar, Congressional Commission, Department Of Tire Pressure and Special Tire Pressure Police Force.

  2. You nailed it Jim. Changing our behavior is just as important as technological advances. We blame the automakers, but who bought all of the SUVs that they cranked out? Urban sprawl, who forced us to use more energy in our everyday commute? Who forced us to buy huge, energy sucking homes that we could not afford? Who says we must cut government spending but will not accept it when it affects their lives?

    We must quit blaming corporate America and the people WE elect. We all need to look at our lives and make changes.

  3. This really says more about us than it does the politicians. Upping the gas tax (to motivate us to leave oil) would be a death sentence to any Congressperson and they all know that.