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Facebook Revenue Estimates Go Up, Up, Up

The latest guess in what has become a favorite Silicon Valley parlor game: Reuters cites sources who say Facebook’s 2009 revenue was between $700 million and $800 million and that the company turned a profit in “the tens of millions.”

Facebook has always been tight-lipped about its financial state — but the *Reuters* estimates are above others that have circulated. (Also worth noting that one recent estimate put Facebook’s 2010 revenue at $710 million).

Board member Marc Andreessen said last summer that 2009 revenue would be more than $500 million. Inside Facebook reported in September that revenue would be about $550 million. In March, it upped that estimate to between $600 and $700 million for 2009 …

What we do know from the company: Last March, while trying to fend off speculation that it needed to raise more cash, the site said it expected revenue would grow 70 percent in 2009 and that it would be cash-flow positive this year; CEO Mark Zuckerberg subsequently said in September that Facebook had become cash-flow positive ahead of schedule. And, of course, the social network has been adding users at a very fast clip, although historically that user growth has trailed revenue growth by a big margin.

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