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When It Comes to Investments, FCC Is Doing All Right

At least someone things FCC is doing a bang-up job, indicated by financial investments in emerging competitors to traditional broadband and mobile industry incumbents.

“I understand that there has been a fair amount of debate about the regulatory framework that the FCC has chosen for broadband Internet services.  I’m not a lawyer and can’t get into the fine points of the Communications Act.  But I live my life in the financial world and I have made a substantial investment in what I expect will be a major new broadband wireless network in the United States. In that respect, I can say that the FCC’s broadband policies continue to actively encourage Harbinger’s and others’ multi-billion dollar investment in broadband innovation. It’s a truism that investment goes where it is welcome and this FCC, under Chairman Genachowski’s leadership, has gotten it right.” Philip Falcone, Chief Executive Officer of Harbinger Capital Partners on FCC’s Policies

One Response to “When It Comes to Investments, FCC Is Doing All Right”

  1. Might want to correct the typo in the first line …

    I’m not quite sure what to make of Mr. Falcone’s statement as investment goes where there’s money to be made, welcome or not. It would help if GigaOM could shed some light on the nature of the investment since if significant, it can hardly be a secret. Then readers properly informed can determine for themselves if or if not the FCC is doing its job.