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Showcase Your Portfolio at The Creative Finder

The Creative Finder is a service from the people behind the TAXI design network that connects businesses with illustrators, photographers, designers and the like. Creatives can upload samples of their work to the site and businesses can use it to search for creatives to fill their needs.

Similar sites are already available, but The Creative Finder’s strength lies in the quality of the work already on display (presumably leveraging the portfolios from the existing TAXI network). It covers a broad spectrum of creative disciplines; animators, architects, illustrators, photographers, designers (of all stripes) and writers are all represented.

As you might expect, the site is beautifully designed and it showcases its users’ work well. Businesses can log into the site and search for creatives based on discipline, location and (optionally) keyword to return a page of thumbnails from suitable creatives. Clicking though to a portfolio reveals work samples, contact details (including email and website links) and clientele.

Creatives wanting to promote their businesses via the site have two options. The Portfolio Upsize account costs $9.99 a month and allows for the listing of a single discipline, a selection of ready-made style sheets and unlimited space for images, while the Portfolio Supersize account costs $19.99 a month, provides a priority listing and allows for listing up to three disciplines, video embedding and the ability to use a custom background image.

How successful The Creative Finder is in terms of drumming up business for the creatives listed using the service will ultimately depend on how well it’s promoted to businesses, but the amount of quality work already on display gives the site an excellent base.

If you’ve promoted your business through The Creative Finder or a similar site, let us know whether it worked for you in the comments.

3 Responses to “Showcase Your Portfolio at The Creative Finder”

  1. Filmmakers should consider FWD:labs ( Free accounts allow for multiple disciplines and video embedding. Pro accounts start at $100 a year and allow for custom branding, inclusive of a background image. My FWD:labs-powered site has great SEO, spam-free contact from prospective clients and collaborators, and has replaced my need to send out a resume or showreel link.

  2. Thanks for the feature! We appreciate the love. :)
    You can also regularly check out how we’ve improved the portfolio services via our ‘Technologist on TAXI’ column. We’ve included a couple of links below.

    Your mobile portfolio, and multiple uploads:

    Setting it to your own domain:

    We look forward to more ideas on how we can improve!