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Online Video Editor, Court Room Live Streams Win Knight Awards

The Knight Foundation announced the winners of the 2010 Knight News Challenge today, and a number of the winning projects also utilize online video in interesting ways. The collaborative online video editor Stroome received $200,000, the court room reporting lab Order in the Court 2.0 was awarded $250,000 and a project dubbed One-Eight that centers around user-generated content from Marines stationed in Afghanistan got $202,000.

The Knight News Challenge aims to fund projects that test new technologies and new approaches to tell stories in specific geographic communities. The foundation received 2,364 applications and awarded money to a total of ten projects. (One of the projects that applied was apparently the whistle-blower website Wikileaks, but the site went home empty-handed. For more on this, check this New York Times article.) The challenge was won by Stamen Design, whose founder Eric Rodenbeck wants to use his $400,000 prize money to build better data visualization tools.

Fellow winner Stroome allows its users to upload video clips and then remix them with existing resources as well as share his editing projects with the community. We first reported about the project when it launched its public beta two months ago, noting that the editor was still limited and at times seemed sluggish. Hopefully, the $200,000 will help to deal with these issues and drive innovation in the field of online editing, which recently got a little more crowded with YouTube (s GOOG) launching its own online editor. Check out a short interview with the Stroome makers below.

Knight News Challenge: Stroome from Knight Foundation on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, Order in the Court 2.0 wants to turn a Boston court room into a sort of lab for the future of court room reporting, which includes providing a live video feed of all the court proceedings. The project is spearheaded by John Davidow, the executive editor of the local NPR affiliate WBUR. Check out a video with him below.

Knight News Challenge: Order in the Court 2.0 from Knight Foundation on Vimeo.

Also noteworthy is One-Eight, a project that wants to combine professional reporting with user-generated content from soldiers to give their families and the general public a better picture of the war in Afghanistan and other issues important to folks in the military. “The troops were recently authorized to use social media while deployed, and this project will also study the impact of that decision on the military,” the project’s description reads.

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