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Green Overdrive: Pimped-out Eco Rides

Green car DIY-ers of the world, unite! In these week’s episode of Green Overdrive we meet up with three green car fanatics that have pimped out their gas-guzzlers into gems of sustainability. The Blackbird plug-in, the biofuel burnin’ Eco-Benz (hemp and solar panel included), and the all-electric eeVee Motors. Just don’t ask ’em how much these conversions cost (it ain’t cheap!).

5 Responses to “Green Overdrive: Pimped-out Eco Rides”

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  2. It will take a true grass roots movement for many eco cars to catch on because garage tinkerers tend to think outside the box. I remember not to long ago a bunch of rogue engineers in northern California converting Priuses to plug-in hybrids before the big automakers were doing it. These engineers were lobbying Toyota and GM and finally got their wish.