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Algorithm Arms Race: HuffPo Buys Adaptive Semantics, Its First Acquisition

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This one seems kind of surprising, and yet…The Huffington Post has acquired Adaptive Semantics, its first purchase of another company. HuffPo wants to use Adaptive Semantics

4 Responses to “Algorithm Arms Race: HuffPo Buys Adaptive Semantics, Its First Acquisition”

  1. @ed

    Not exactly. If you want big agency spend from direct sales–in other words, if you are interested in making money on display or video–you need a well-designed, branded site with a high quality ad environment. Advertisers are usually willing to pay a premium to know where exactly where their ads will appear and what content the ads will be adjacent to, both because these variables generally contribute to the ads’ effectiveness and because they reduce the risk that the brand will be associated with something objectionable.

  2. “One of the hurdles social media content sites have long had in attracting advertisers was the concern about being near comments that could tarnish marketers by association.”

    This is the number one false assumption in advertising/marketing that is being propped up artificially by beliefs, not facts. It kind of hilarious because it reminds me of people who used to think cameras capture people souls back in the 1800s and would run away screaming when they saw a camera box.
    The silliest part is how marketers assume their potential customers have an “angel halo” over their heads and are not the drivers of the objectionable content that drives traffic.

    My own research and others with data will show clearly that digital marketing is driven by pattens, not perceptions. But I guess the real question is why would a web property that solicit advertising accommodate offensive comments in the first place?